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Football Soccer


Early Scots American Club side circa 1930's

USA 1994 - Featuring our local heros, John Harkes, Tab Ramos, Tony Meola,

New Jersey famous Claudio Reyna, and Rutgers alum Alexei Lalas

scots side 2020.jpg

Scots American side 2020

USA famous 1950 side


John Harkes with Sheffield Wednesday. First American to play in the English top flight

2021 Scots American side home at Harvey Field


Wembley London - 100,000 would be on hand

Scotland v Holland

1978 World Cup Argentina

Our home side

Celtic v Rangers

Old Firm since 1888

Kearny United

One of the most famous youth sides in the United States

Red Bull New York

The Scots Champions

Kearny High School producer of champions

Kearny HS 2017 NJ State Champions

One of the Thistle FC teams Kearny NJ

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