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The Bar

The bar......history, patter, a pint and good times. The bar at the famous Scots American club. If you know the history.......... Stop in and be our guest.

Enjoy the match and have a pint.  

Slàinte mhath!

The Scots American Athletic Club, or “Scots Club,” is located in Kearny, N.J. USA

​Since 1931, the Scots Club has provided a social environment for its members, including the fostering of athletic programs. Formed by Scottish immigrants working for Scottish owned mills in West Hudson County, it’s been about soccer ever since. Members and guests enjoy a full bar with a long soccer history and halls on two floors for social activities and sports viewing on a super-sized HD screen. The Scots are hosts to numerous supporters clubs, including the Kearny Glasgow Rangers SC, Scottish National Team, U.S. National Teams and Red and White SC of the hometown New York Red Bulls. ​The Scots Club has been affiliated with the New York Red Bulls for three years, which has created greater bond between the Scots Club and the franchise. With the history of the club and support for its local team, the Scots Club members and patrons come out to support the club with watch parties and supporters’ group parties. ​In addition to Red Bulls watch parties, the club also hosts U.S. National Team, Scotland National Team, SPL matches, Old Firm, Euros, World Cup and Champions League watch parties.

​Described as an old school soccer bar, the Scots Club features a full bar with four flat screens, traditional beer selection, Scottish Belhaven, Tennents, Guinness and a rotating selection of Scottish and local craft beers. ​In addition to drinks, the club has a professional-grade shuffleboard table, darts and the St. Andrew’s Room, which has a pool table, two flat screens next to the bar with a capacity of 70. On the second floor, Scots Club has the Jake Bradley Hall, with a capacity of 180 with bar and a 120 x 60 HD screen full room sound for a great match viewing experience. The club also features an outdoor area, boasting two grills, a horseshoe area and umbrella bench seating for a beer garden style space.

​The Scots Club values community involvement and hosts numerous fundraisers, local children’s community events, American Cancer Society, Blood Drives and Veteran groups.

​With 86 years of continuous soccer and community history, the Scots Club has supported local Kearny soccer talents Archie Stark in the 1930’s to, John Harkes, Tony Meola, Tab Ramos in the 90’s, to the continuous  support of local talent Kearny Thistle United, FC

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